Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Questions For Mama

I love asking TPQ. That's what we called them in teacher's training- thought-provoking questions. This is something I may have started doing when I met my friend S when we were 16. We once almost came to tears in a heated discussion of.. wait for it... "Does the soul leave the body, and that is the moment when death occurs, or does the body die, and therefore the soul has to leave?"

Yes,we were some interesting (read: weird) sixteen-year-olds. The thing is, I don't think up these questions. They just pop into my head at random moments, and whoever is with me gets the benefit of hearing them. Unfortunately for her, I spend a lot of time around my mum. She groans when she hears the words, "Do you think..." and cries "Please don't make me think!" She has enough going on in her head, and doesn't want to enter into the realm of speculation, or theorizing and philosophizing about life.  

Here's a list of questions I've either really asked my mum, or thought of asking, and then held my tongue, because I make her brain hurt.

When you were young, did guys put their arm on the back of a sofa as a preliminary to putting their arm around the girl?

Does this sound theologically sound to you- God has already forgiven the sins of everyone in the world, but we need to accept the forgiveness He offers in order to be saved?

Are you happy?

Does our family buy particular vegetables because we like them, or just because they're vegetables?

Why do you think people seem to be getting married later?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Were you close to any of your aunts or uncles?

Did you ever think you would be the mother of five children?

What are your thoughts on censorship?

I told you it was tiring to be around me. Oh, interesting, whichever way you look at it.

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  1. Ha ha ur first question made me laugh hard. i also often wonder whether it comes to guys naturally or do they do it on purpose..