Monday, 24 June 2013

Creepy God Movie

How legitimate is a blog post about a movie that I have not actually seen more than two minutes of? Who cares, since no one is rating this blog for legitimacy?

So I was checking the movies showing yesterday on TV, and came across a super strange movie description. The movie was called 'Legion' and the description said something like 'God loses faith in humanity and sends a legion of angels to destroy the world.'


There were so many questions. How is that a plot? Does the whole movie consist of angels destroying people? Or does if it starts with that, what possible 'after' could they portray? And what kind of God is that anyway?

All these questions led me to stay on that channel for a grand total of two minutes in which I saw this:

TVs and radios are not working in a small country bar in the US. People start freaking out. Little old woman comes in, and knows everyone's names and personal details and charmingly greets them, until the waitress comes to serve her and little old woman asks her "How far along are you?" She's pregnant... and NOT married. (Start getting scared.) Old woman continues to look sweet and old and says "It's going to burn." Everybody turns in shock. "The baby's going to burn."

Suddenly everything gets VERY creepy and old woman transforms into horrific destroying monster.

At this point I come back to my senses and switch channels very fast.

What the HECK?

I don't even know what to say. I GUESS that was supposed to be a horror movie..? Or something?

But those two minutes made me think of several things:

1. Ohmygosh THANK GOD God is NOT like that. God has never given up on us. He is not waiting, watching, and getting more and more frustrated with our sinfulness, about to explode with anger at a world gone mad. Maybe some of our dads have acted like that, but God is not a cold, angry judge. Even hell, which people think of as God's judgment is NOT! It is a self-inflicted judgment. That means anyone who goes to hell CHOOSES hell. (Yes, I know too many caps.) God doesn't force anyone to accept Him, and He respects our freedom. A quote I read: 'God is not against us because of our sin, God is with us against our sin." He's trying to save us from ourselves.

2. This is what some people really think religion is. If you don't follow the rules, God will punish. (And maybe we will, if He won't.) That's probably what leads some people (Christians?) to throw their pregnant children out of their homes. That's a cold, unmerciful religion which looks NOTHING like a God, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love. But if that's what people think God is, no wonder they want nothing to do with religion.

3. Being an unwed mother is NOT a sin. Having a baby out of wedlock is NOT a sin. Having SEX before marriage is the sin, not having the baby. It is beautiful to see women who choose to keep those babies, and all the people who love and support such women. The point of Christianity is grace and redemption. No matter how far you've gone, there is ALWAYS a way back to God. There is no unforgivable sin. 'It doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done, what matters is where you go from here' according to Crystallina Evert, a chastity speaker. That's also why Catholics don't support the death penalty (except in extremely rare circumstances).

Okay, that's it. Weirdest blog post you read this week, I'm sure.


  1. Would you believe that I have weirder blog posts probably sitting in my reader?

    My husband is a pastor and a few years ago, he allowed the baptism of a baby conceived out of wedlock by some children of parishioners. There were people who flipped out over the fact that OMG WE'RE ALLOWING A CHILD CONCEIVED IN SIN TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My response: "Would you prefer that we burn the family at the stake?" (OK... I didn't actually say this but I was thinking it.)

    I also had parishioners putting on a happy face in front of the grandparents while pulling me aside later to say "What to I say to [insert names of grandparents?????". My response: "How about congratulating them on their beautiful and healthy grandson?"

    Wow. It's no wonder they hated me and my husband!

    1. Wow, that's terrible. I guess people who hate Christians may have come in contact with some of that.

  2. And so I repeat the fundamental truth of the gospel: the love of God for
    human beings is unconditional. God does not love us because of anything
    we have done. He does not love us because we are virtuous or obedient or
    kind, nor does he cease to love us when we fail to love as we should or when
    we disobey his commandments. He does not cease to love us even when we
    commit evil. God’s love for us is unconditional, unmerited, unqualified,
    unreserved, absolute, immutable. We cannot earn it, no matter how hard we
    try; we cannot lose it, no matter how hard we try. God does not change his
    mind. He is eternally and hopelessly in love with the creatures he made in his

    - Fr. Alvin Kimel

    I'm also reminded of a verse of the Qu'ran which states that if God were to give everyone their just recompense there wouldn't be a single living thing left on earth. xD (35:45) It has sort of a 'you'll get what's coming to you' vibe to it, though.

    Bad as this movie seems, the idea that angels would appear strange or even horrific to human eyes is interesting; it's like the 'Four Living Creatures' of Revelations, who have six wings and are covered with eyes. =O