Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Indian Fail

I tried, really I did. When Indians go shopping, it is understood that they must bargain, or they're pretty much not Indians/ gullible foreigners. With my lack of Hindi and strange nameless shop-o-phobia in the past, I didn't even attempt it. But having grown in confidence, and still enjoying the freedom of adulthood, I make more of an effort now.

So, my sister and I were attempting to buy some pretty printed wrap around skirts.

Me: (In passable Hindi) So... we're buying three, so you'll give us a good price, right?
Shopkeeper: No, no, I already gave you a discount and (spiel about not making a profit that I got the gist of, but not the details)
Me: But we're buying three! Okay (calculating) we'll give you eight hundred rupees for all three.
Me: (wondering why he isn't reacting)
Me: (sotto voce to my sister) How much had he asked for?
My sister: Um, I think Rs 250 for the two shorter skirts, and Rs 300 for the longer one.
Me: [Facepalm]
Me: [Avoids shopkeeper's eyes and forks over the EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY HE ORIGINALLY ASKED FOR.]
Shopkeeper (obviously) (to himself): Idiots.


Riding my two wheeler on the way home, a dithering guy also on a two wheeler suddenly darted forward almost in my path.

Correct Indian response: Blow horn REALLY LOUDLY AND AGGRESSIVELY
Wrong Indian response: Screech "Duuuude!" in an aggrieved voice

Guess which one I picked?


  1. No problem. its okay. buying vegetables n fruits is evn more difficult to bargain. most difficult is bargaining fr fish. dnt u think so

    1. I've never tried! :-D I admire people who have such skills.