Friday, 21 June 2013

7QT Vol 10: The Pope Francis Edition

Obviously I have nothing funny, interesting or thought-provoking to say today, so I'm going to steal stuff from someone who does. Hey, also the Pope should have a blog, and join seven quick takes. Petition, anyone?

"Heh heh, no probs, Sue, and also, let me comment on your blog while I'm at it. I have a LOT of free time."

Anyway here, goes:

"In today's culture we are the minority, we have only one sheep, but do we feel the evangelical zeal to go out and seek the remaining 99? It is difficult, it is easier to stay home, and comb and hug the one sheep that we have. The Lord wants us, priests, to be shepherds, not hairdressers."
Yes! One sees all the SAME people at every outreach of the church. What is THAT about? Preaching to the choir, I guess. And call it mission.


"Resentment is like a full house with lots of people crammed inside so they can't see the sky, while pain is like a city in which there are still lots of people, but at least you can see the sky. In other words, pain is open to prayer, tenderness, the company of a friend and thousands of things that offer dignity. That's why pain is a healthier situation than resentment."
It's so easy to feel resentful with the slightest bit of pain, or even discomfort. Whose fault is it? Isn't it unfair and unjust? I don't deserve this! And yes, that cuts you off, from God, from people who can help, from the world.


"Salvation from sin is like being saved from drowning: Being upfront and honest about one's sinful nature actually helps create a more authentic encounter with God."
This is what I think is the biggest problem among Catholics. Everybody thinks they're doing pretty well. So the whole concept of salvation is not just unexciting, it's irrelevant. I only started growing in my faith when I realized what a big mess I was, and how desperately in need of grace I was.


“Each day, we all face the choice to be Good Samaritans or to be indifferent travelers passing by.”
Oh, ouch. That hits a little too close to home.


"Triumphalism brings the Church and Christians to a halt. A triumphalist Church is a half-way Church that is happy, well-organised and efficient but denies martyrdom and does not know that martyrs are necessary for the way of the Cross."
Triumphalism: Excessive exultation over one's success or achievements
We CANNOT avoid the cross... if we want to be Christians. Being a Christian isn't a matter of self-congratulation, or a place to relax and feel good about ourselves. We have to be willing to suffer, to fight our own sin if we want to see the Church flourishing.


"Saint Paul only irritated others because testifying to Jesus Christ makes everyone uncomfortable, it threatens the comfort zones. And in order to move forward, forward, forward … not to take refuge in a quiet place or in cozy structures, we need to exhibit that most Christian of attitudes: Apostolic zeal. Of this the Apostle Paul had an ample and admirable supply. He was not a man of compromise. No! The truth: forward! The proclamation of Jesus Christ: forward."
Love this one! Truth is scary. And making people uncomfortable is supposed to be the worst sin one can commit in the world today. Just play nice. Make sure everyone happy. And whatever you do, don't rock the boat!

“There are backseat Christians, those who are well mannered, who do everything well, but are unable to bring people to the Church through proclamation and apostolic zeal. Their fear of soiling the linen prevents them from going out in search of others, especially along the edges where the dust and the dirt, the muck and the mire are likely to accumulate. Do not become too polite, people who speak of theology calmly over tea. We have to become courageous Christians and seek out those who are the flesh of Christ."
Yeah! Not that I have anything against talking theology, or tea parties, but the world needs more than that!

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  1. Pope Francis is one of many reasons I'm seriously considering "swimming the Tiber".

    1. Wow, that's awesome! And probably scary for you...

  2. Very challenging tasks.. :(

    1. I agree 100%. But 'his grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness'- today's reading.