Thursday, 6 June 2013

30 Before 30

So clichéd, I know. But goals are good right? The real question is, are these goals, plans, ought-to’s or just random dreams? I guess some of each. I suppose if I were super-organized, I’d make sections for different categories. But maybe I’m just going to dream without categories.

1. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. See, this is both an ought-to and a want-to. Know what you believe, and all. It seems so boring from the outside. But when I HAVE to read a bit for research on a talk or something, I’m captured by the beauty. It isn’t dry facts. It’s philosophy, truth, beauty. Why don’t I just read something that beautiful then? Because it’s soo much easier to read a blog post than open a fat red book. I have programmed my mind to accept only nugget-sized beauty and wisdom. To my loss.

2. Take a hiatus from life and write a book. Introversion + writing = Dream come true. I don’t even know for sure what I want to write about, or for whom. I started a children’s book about school once, but got dragged down by negativity (because I hated school), and soon abandoned it, rather than searching for a new angle. I do want to study the art of writing a little, and develop the skill. 

3. Travel to the north of India. I've been to the south, and loved it. I've been abroad, but I've never explored the beauty of the Himalayas, seen the Taj Mahal, or the beautiful Kashmir valley.

4. Invite my friends over to a fancy homemade dinner.

5. Do a fun reading programme with kids from the slum.

6. Read at least two well-written books about India.

7. Plan a fun, casual event for like-minded Catholic singles in my city to meet and mingle, without expectations, pressure or desperation. Yeah, we don’t really have that. We have official ‘marriage mart’ kind of things, announced at our church, that scare the heck out of me. If I had a good disguise though, I’d consider attending, just to blog about it.

8. Become comfortable speaking and teaching in Hindi.

9. Be a joyful bridesmaid at one of my close friends’/sister’s wedding... or a bride at my own. I know, I know, the only control I really have over this one is prayer. But at least I should do that. But also, No. 7 may help.

10. Watch Star Wars. (This is about to happen, because my brother borrowed the set from a friend.)

11. Watch Downton Abbey. Because I'm a Catholic blog groupie, and all the Catholic bloggers are talking about it.

12. Speak to high-schoolers at my alma mater talking about chastity, relationships, self-image, identity and God.

13. Go on a silent retreat. No question why I need to do that.

14. Blow bubbles. (I mean, yes, I have done that at some time in my past, but I want to set up a bubble-blowing date with my friends. Don't bother psycho-analyzing that.)

15. Watch the 'Catholicism' series by Fr. Robert Barron.

16. Read Jennifer Fulwiler's book.

17. Record a bunch of sweet ‘How I met My Husband’ and ‘How I Met my Wife’ stories. 

18. Be able to run for half an hour without collapsing. Yeah, I've never done any consistent exercise in my life.

19. Own more than one saree. Sari. Saree. Whatever.

20. Take my nieces out on regular dates. 

21. Sketch. In a sketch book.

22. Initiate a conversation with a complete stranger.

23. Regularly go to sleep early and wake up early.

24. Develop a style. Fashion, I mean. Not just second hand clothes, and whatever somewhat matches. Perhaps even jewelry occasionally. About time, huh?

25. Go to World Youth Day. I mean, once you cross 30, you can be arrested for trying to attend.

26. Do a Random Acts of Kindness project.

27. Do pedicures for women who are on their feet all day. The cracked, dry, dirty feet of most Indian women have tugged at my heart strings for years.

28. Write a story about my life (so far).

29. Own a bookshelf .

30. Do a fun photo shoot with my family (on both ends of the camera)

Do you have a 30 before 30 list? Or 40 before 40? Or a bucket list of any shape or form?


  1. #1: You can get the Catechism here in smaller portions:

    #8: What language(s) do you speak instead of Hindi?

    #18: I've heard mostly good things about the "Couch-to-5K" programs on the Internet.

    1. I considered small parts of the Catechism delivered to my email, but I can't read and focus if I'm online.
      I speak only English. My family lost whatever their original language was generations ago.
      Yes, Couch-to-5k is my plan!

  2. S, M would be happy to help with numero 24.
    You won't get arrested if you attend WYD past 30, but I do hope you go soon.
    'India Becoming' by Akash Kapur is a book I want to read, but I don't think it is about 'good' India. In that case Ruskin Bond will take you up North- try his 'Book of Humor'.
    They call them 'marriage MARTS'?????
    I'm with you on number 3, although the Taj Mahal wasn't in the (my) picture.

    1. You're awesome, M! I definitely need help :-)
      Thanks for the book recommendations... and we must plan a trip to North India within the next three years!

  3. Shouldn't you tick 9 off? Or were you not joyful?!

    I'm all for niece dates and will bring Julian and his fancy camera whenever the family photo shoot happens!

    1. That's something I want in the next three years :-) I guess technically I've done some of the things on the list in the past.

  4. 1. Read Bible! Meditate on it! Eat It! Sleep it!
    2. Camp in a place with no human connect!
    3. Drink water like a animal from a stream / river!
    4. Go sailing alone (or with someone like me or maybe a wife someday)! Stay at sea for weeks and survive on rations or fishes that are hooked!
    5. Head Africa and live it out in the wild!
    6. See a volcano up close!
    7. Build a cabin in the woods for my retirement days!
    8. Be around children!

  5. 9. To drown myself in music!
    10. To cook the best meal ever and serve it to the best person ever!
    11. To live a minimilastic life!
    12. To serve every soul that i meet in whatever possible way i can (remotely or with minimal comms)

  6. 13. Free fall from the edge of the space towards earth (or from the highest point any local planes can reach)
    14. Scuba dive!
    15. Leave a legacy (in kind or in heart)
    16. Love and marry my queen (UNLIKELY but its on my to do list)
    17. Drive at the current land speed record which is at 1224 Kmph (if not then at least reach highest speed possible - my current is 190Kmph)