Monday, 23 September 2013

6 Reasons You Should Do the Myers-Brigg Personality Test

So you have no idea what I'm talking about? Clink the link and do the test!

Do the test!

I first read about the personality types when I was reading a blog by a woman named Elizabeth Esther, and she would be all 'Oh, how ENFPs love a good party! I love flitting around, be-bopping in and out of conversations, laughing uproariously, yammering on about a million subjects. I always feel like I’m my very best self during a party. I sparkle. I shine. I make happiness. I connect! I leave a party feeling energized!' and I was like "Wow, I REALLY don't identify with that."

I eventually did the test myself, and found out that I am an INTJ. And my life became awesome!

Here's why you should do it too-

1. You get a major insight into your own personality, and realize that maybe you're not alone, maybe there IS a reason why you do the things you do, and think the way you think, that's God really does make people differently, that we're not all cut out of the same mold... and that's okay! "Imagine a giant chess board where the pieces are constantly moving, trying out new tactics, always directed by an unseen hand – this is what the INTJ’s imagination is like." OHMYGOSH YES, that is EXACTLY what my brain is like, all. the. time. Even though I don't play chess.

Reading my personality description was fun because the descriptions tend to be written in very upbeat, positive words, and I was able to see myself with a bunch of strengths that come with my personality, and then as an extra, things I need to work on. So the name for INTJs isn't 'Narrow-Minded Bossy Loner' but 'The Scientist' or 'The Strategist' or 'The Mastermind'.

2. You get to read aloud descriptions of yourself to your friends, and see them gasp with amazement at how your personality has affected so many of your relationship issues of the past.

Me: "INTJ personalities also often shoulder the burden of making important decisions without consulting their peers."
Anyone who works with me: "Oh really? Behold how surprised I am by this piece of imformation."

Me:  "INTJ personalities loathe inefficiency and imperfection, trying very hard to iron out all the flaws and analyze all possibilities – if left unchecked, this trait can easily become a weakness, slowing down their work quite significantly and frustrating people around the INTJ."
People around this INTJ: This is why I'm so frustrated around you!

Me: "It is quite unlikely that the INTJ will enjoy physical manifestations of feelings (hugs, touches etc.), even with close friends."
My ENFP sister and INFP roommate: "Awwww" (climbing onto my bed and giving me a big big) (Not really)

3.  Personality Type Theme Songs: Jennifer Fulwiler sparked this recent obsession with personality types when she asked readers in her last Quick Takes what their personality theme song would be. I excitedly scrolled down to find out what the INTJs' offerings were, and was hysterically amused by the options they offered.
  • 'Mother Knows Best' from Tangled- that's what it's like in this head. It is BOSSY up in here.
  • As an INTJ, I would more likely to write my own song rather than being constrained by something already written…(It’s a curse, really.)
  • INTJ-  I’d have to go with “The Impossible Dream” for my personality song: idealistic defiance, the desire to do great things, and fierce independence taking the form of a devotion to higher laws supplanting mere conventions.
  • INTJ here—wait, music? Who has time for that when you can be listening to podcasts and absorbing/integrating information? Heh : )
  • I thought good and hard, and I think my theme song might be “We Will Rock You” by Queen. I don’t even like it that much, but I think it basically lists the INTJ traits set to music… 
  • INTJ… no lyrics here though. Just Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.
  • I’m an INTJ, and I was going to agree with the earlier comment suggesting we write our own song because no song in existence is likely to be truly accurate. (Gotta come up with the perfect solution, right?) But then I saw GeekLady’s vote for Ride of the Valkyries, re-listened to it, and laughed out loud. It’s perfect. All far-reaching and all-encompassing and marching relentlessly forward and mastermindy.
4.  Hanging out with other 'N' types (introspective, iNtuitive thinkers, yes I'm talking to you, R and J) and gleefully guessing the personality types of ALL our friends, family members, romantic interests, people we've had issues with, and people who we've worked closely with. We actually spent three hours last night talking about this stuff. For the 'S' types who thinks introspectors (yes, I made up a word)  are overly analytical, obsessive idiots, this exercise would not be fun.

5. It really does help you to look at people with traits you find annoying in a new light. They just think differently, process information differently, have different strengths and weaknesses, and can complement you if you let them. There is not just one right way to look at the world.

6. These pictures:

Disclaimer: Fun and helpful as all this is, don't let your personality type box you in, or stop you from deciding how you want to live. You can develop different parts of your personality, and grow in the areas where you might be weak. As an INTJ, I need to work on being sensitive, and expressing affection, and also not making my 'natural self-confidence' an excuse for arrogance. The negative and sometimes insensitive or hurtful parts of our personality can be redeemed by grace.

Simcha Fisher writes an interesting post called 'The Unlabeled Life': "None of these (labels) can describe a person in his entirety, and none should limit what we can expect out of ourselves."


  1. I'm actually an IXFJ -- my N and S are on the line and flip every time I take the test.

    1. That's funny... I think my I is dominant, but I'm sure I have a large helping of E as well. (Which is trange considering how much I write about being an introvert, I know.) So maybe XNTJ?

  2. Haha, I love personality types, too! I love #4. Sometimes my family would sit around the dinner table analyzing!

  3. And PS-where did you get those pictures??

    1. Google images... INTJ head, ENFP head, etc. So different websites.

  4. I knew that i was a INTJ! My org had done the test 08 years back and that's how i found out that i'm a INTJ type! Mastermind! Amen! Then i joined a different org and they ran some psychometric test and now when i compare the results with personality tests before, they match! So second confirmation that I was a INTJ! But i'm in my current setup for 05yrs now and they did it when i joined! So the results per se have a doubtful validity and i decided to undertake a free online test to confirm my doubts and i did it thrice at 02hrs interval and they confirmed that i'm a INTJ profile! No wonder i'm glued to your blog and have started moving one blog at a time from April 2013. I'll analyse you better by the time i reach 2016. It'll be 03yrs blogs to be processed. Keep Blogging! Not only i'm discovering myself but discovering a fellow INTJ. Its exciting and i'm loving it. I'll reach the end of you for sure as INTJ's usually do :)