Tuesday, 30 April 2013

When Life Isn't So Damn Daily

My dad was riding along the crazy, overcrowded, polluted streets yesterday, trying not to die from a heat stroke or an accident.

Suddenly he was flagged down by an overweight cop.

"Follow that bike!" shouted the cop (in Hindi, I assume).

My dad is always up for a challenge. So off he sped. Unfortunately the two wheeler my dad rides is not used to carrying two grown men, one of whom had the archetypal Bollywood Indian cop belly. So maybe 'sped' is an exaggeration. Still, it went.

My dad missed his turn, still chasing the bad guy. (We'll go with the assumption that the cop was the good guy.) How often does a guy get to be a part of a highway chase?

Finally they caught up. The cop jumped off, and caught his guy.

My dad returned to life as usual. He had no idea what the bad guy's crime was. 'His not to reason why/His but to do and die.'


I got a call a few days ago. Wait, this is actually unusual. Either due to my introvert personality or my inability to process audio information, I hate talking on the phone. Texting or face to face conversations work much better. Most people know this, so they don't call. I wouldn't be able to tell you what my ringtone sounds like.

Anyway, back to the unusual occurrence of my phone ringing. I subdued my initial urge to ignore it.


"Hi, this is Blank."

"Blank who?"

"(Nervous laughter) Blank Blankity, of course."

"Sorry, I know so many Blanks... What's up?"

"Nothing... I just wanted to talk to you about something. Could we meet? It'll just take fifteen minutes."

I hardly knew Blank at all. He was in fact a guy from my sister's past (past being the operative word here), and we had just bumped into each other after Mass the previous week.

Mystified, I agreed.

He turned up that evening, and handed me a fancy looking bag which contained a box of Ferrero Rochers. (I just had to look up that spelling, and found out that it's Italian chocolate.)

He sat in my living room for a while, while I talked too much. He said he was interested in supporting the volunteer work that I do for the church, since 'things were going well' for him. After he left, I reviewed. Random guy turns up, gives me chocolate and offers me a donation.

I do have an interesting life.

Of course, my suspicions were confirmed about his motives when he called my sister the next day to try to meet her, and after being deflected, TURNED UP AT OUR DOORSTEP.... WITH HIS MOTHER.

Fine, my sister's life is more interesting than mine. But at least I got the Ferrero Rochers.

(I need to exercise.)


  1. I freaking love Ferrero Rocher. It's hazelnut chocolate love.

  2. What happened next? (after he came with his mother?)