Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Being Three

Hanging out with my three year old niece is always entertaining. We were ‘playing’ in her room, which consisted of me lying down, and being alternately tucked in by her, and being commanded to “Wake up! It’s morning!” Finally she lay down with me, and the following conversation ensued.

She: It’s your birthday party. I’ll call all your friends.

Me: How many friends?

She (thinks): Two.

Me: Just two?

She: Three!

Me: Just three?

And so on, till she got the go ahead with 100 invitees.

Me: What will we do at my birthday party?

She: Eat lunch!

Me: What else will we do at the party apart from eating lunch?

She: Sleep!

She knows me too well.

Me: What will we eat?

She: Noo-dulls! (Accent derived from play school friends)

Me: Just noodles? What else?

She (thinks): Chicken!

Me: I like it. What else?

She (getting louder and more emphatic): ONIONS!

Me: What about dessert?


Me: What will we drink?

She: BEER!!!


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