Friday, 5 April 2013

Seven Quick Takes- The Beginning


This is NOT my first Seven Quick Takes. But it is my first Seven Quick Takes on this (very new) blog. I've actually been reading Conversion Diary since it was Et Tu, and since I started reading blogs. That’s a long time- six or seven years, I think. Is it creepy for Jennifer Fulwiler that there’s this random girl in India who knows how she feels about scorpions, that her fourth child’s nickname is Joy and that she was once the number one Google link that came up for ‘socially awkward person’? This is why the Internet is scary. Or wonderful, whichever.

The other day I had to explain to a friend what a blog was. “So anybody can know what’s in your mind? Anyone can know details about you?” I explained that I don’t put details like my full name, address or anything that could endanger me. But yes, everyone can know what I’m thinking. That’s kind of the point. But just for a moment, I saw ‘blogs’ through the eyes of a very private, very cautious person. It does seem kinda crazy, especially in a country where a Facebook status-opinion can get you arrested. Good thing I don’t want to live my life scared.


Talking about creepy Indian trends- After the horrific Delhi rape case, local authorities are trying to do something. Guess what they’ve come up with so far? In order to ‘keep women safe’, we have women banned from wearing jeans, curfew zones,  etc. Here’s a novel idea—instead of trying to control women’s movements, how ‘bout we arrest the messed up men in the streets in the buses and on the trains ‘eve-teasing’ women going about their business? I’m all about modesty, but seriously, the way a woman dresses is NEVER EVER EVER an excuse for abuse. A woman never ‘asks for it’. The amount of ridiculous reasoning to excuse rape is terrifying. An entire mindset has to be changed. The government has even said that marital rape doesn’t count as rape. “If you’re married, that’s allowed.” OHMYFREAKINGGOODNESS! Seriously? It’s more than a little scary to be a woman in India—and I’m probably one of the minority who has my own vehicle, doesn’t need to travel by public transport or at night, lives in a family where I feel completely protected and safe, and has a choice about who I marry, and if, and when.


Okay, just so I stop freaking myself (and you) out, let’s have an abrupt change of topic. If you’re a mother, or have a mother, watch this. (I know, I know, 99 % of mothers on the Internet have seen this already, but this for the other 1%, because it’s worth it.)


 I like Joshua Radin. And Audrey Assad. And my new running shoes (that I haven’t used yet). I made tortillas for Easter. Yay Mexico. You may ask why I’m telling you these things. It’s because I deleted my Facebook, and I no longer can update my status with completely useless information every few hours. That’s my secret reason for starting the blog—it’s a Facebook replacement.


 Most people who do 7QT seem fried by the mental energy required to come up with SEVEN random things. How hard can it be, people? Your mind easily skips through seven random things at Mass when you’re supposed to be focussing on the homily. Maybe you’re over-thinking it. (And that was six. Phew.)


 So as you know this is a NEW (but very hopeful) blog. So go ahead and read the first three posts- Why ‘Keeping It Real’, Why ‘Not Very Indian’ and my post about my family's frugal ways... and do your good deed for the day and write a comment (or three). As a lurker and non-commenter of many years on many a blog, I realize I don’t deserve commenters. But grace! And mercy! And eradicating the pathetic-ness of a blogger who asks questions and doesn’t get any answers! Like talking to an empty room. Or to a full room of people with their arms folded and stony expressions on their faces. I know it’s not really like that, but that’s what it LOOKS like.

 Also, for more fascinating (but often random) Quick Takes, head over to the wise, witty and socially-awkward Jen at Conversion Diary.


  1. HI Sue, Just found your blog through Jen. Having a quick read around, very interesting for me as one of my Catholic friends here in our country town in Australia is Indian. Actually we have a growing number of Indian Catholic attending our parish which considering our population(20,000) is amazing:)

  2. The Indians are everywhere! I actually have cousins who've been living in Adelaide for the past twenty years.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi Sue, found you thro Jen's site.
    Thanks for the video, it put a smile on my face. I say those things every day!

  4. I think those statements are universal :-) Thanks for commenting!

  5. Hi Sue! From ome not very Indian Catholic to another...hello! I haven't had a chance to look around much yet, but no worries - I will! Oh, and the challenge for some of us to come up with 7 things isn't finding 7 things, it is remembering them! Well, that's my challenge anyway. I always have loads to say mid week and then by the time Friday hits, the kids have eaten my last few brain cells. :)

  6. Awesome! Who knew there were so many (three) Indian Catholics who read Jen's blog? :-D Welcome!

  7. I've never done Quick Takes before. And I don't read the other Quick Takes either. I clicked on yours because that is a gorgeous sari in your picture.

    But hello there! Nice to meet you!

    So with you on how to prevent rape. As long as men think they will be able to get away with rape -- as long as they sometimes DO get away with rape -- no amount of clothing changes or safe zones are going to fix anything. What would be really really awesome would be a men's initiative to defend women, whenever and wherever they see them attacked or threatened. I think we'd see a lot fewer incidents if rapists knew that any man who saw them would leap to the woman's defense.

    Off to read your other posts!

  8. Thanks for dropping by. (I feel like I'm hosting a tea party.)

    Yes, I think if men (collectively) took up the challenge, many things would change. Some people say 'Why look to them men? Women need to protect themselves'. But it's a fact that men are physically stronger than women... for good or evil.

    The scary thing is that there HAVE been incidents where men have just looked on without doing anything. I know they're scared- in the recent Delhi rape incident, the guy who was with the girl tried to protect her, but was 'beaten, gagged and knocked unconscious'.

  9. #1: I think she'd be flattered that what she has to say has an impact. At least, that would be my response.


    #6: I tend to write mine over a few days and bookmark various things that might be helpful to mention.

    1. Good idea. I actually wrote mine the previous day that time, so I could be the first to link :-D