Friday, 24 October 2014

7QT: Links and Funny Stories


A few days ago I had the fun opportunity of talking to 14 year olds about sexual morality. I LOVE doing talks like that, because I know how unusual it is for kids to hear about sex in such a frank and unembarrassed way. Plus there are always unexpected moments of hilarity.

Me: Today we're going to talk about sex! Do you know what that is?
One kid's hand shoots up: Yes! 
Me (really surprised)
Kid: It's whether you're a boy or or a girl!
Me: Yeah, but you know the other meaning too? That's the other one we're talking about.

Me: Is sex good or bad?
Kids: Umm...
Me: Who created our sexual desires? Where did they come from? God or the devil?
Kids: The devil!
Me: Really?????

In the small group QnA with just the girls, we asked them to write questions on slips of paper. After one very specific question, 
Me: You all DO know what sex is, right?
Some girls look unsure, half nod, half shake their heads.
Me: Wait, y'all are 14! Y'all must have done this in school, right? Right?
Girls: Um, maybe we'll do it in the 10th standard?
Me: So you really don't know what sex is?
Girl: We think we know, but we're not sure if it is what we think it is.
Me: So you want me to explain?
Girls: Yes.
Me: Oh my goodness.
Girls who DO know what sex is buried their faces in their hands. Lol.
I thought I was past getting embarrassed, but apparently not. Biological explanation of sex followed.


Okay, on to links.

Apart from the phrase 'Your Man' I liked this article. Living with two other girls means that PMS is a real and relevant aspect of our lives, and hey, it's good to think and talk about what that means.


I though it would be a stupid list like 'get a career' and 'stop drinking so much', but it was surprisingly though-provoking (maybe slightly guilt-producing?)

P.S. Less than a year a half to 30 for me!


I love the Myers Briggs personality types! And then there was this:

Perfect! I loled!


Are you struggling with making a decision for your life? Do you desire to do God's will, but are not sure what that is? This is one of my favourite articles on discernment:

Something useful I've been reflecting on is that the most important things is 'goodwill' or the will or desire to do God's will, and if you have that, abandonment and trust are all God calls you to. Something hard for this INTJ who likes to predict and control all possible outcomes.


I'm not a mom, or a 13 year old who spends hours doing hairstyles with her friends, but I thought his was fun:

In both the Philippines and the US I was struck by simple ways that girls and women prettied themselves, something that many Indian women either don't think about much or know much about. A pretty hairstyle takes a few minutes, and can be so pleasant on the eyes. Nowadays I've seen a lot more teenagers try stuff like this out though.

This was my favourite hairstyle for the past six months, especially in the summer


I'm out of links and funny stories, so here are some pictures of unusual cakes. I made the first one, my mum made the second. Yes, she IS very talented.

More QT at Jen's. #6 cracked me up.


  1. Wow to both cakes! Your mom's combination of bananas and fish makes me laugh! Such talent!

  2. I love that summer hairstyle of yours!!

  3. INTJ: Lord keep me open to others' ideas, WRONG though they may be --- REALLY??? SHOULD WE?