Monday, 13 May 2013

Sometimes Everything Just Works Out

And today was one of those days. My family is leaving for a holiday (for me a working holiday) tomorrow, and I was working on finishing all the little jobs that I had very conveniently put off until the last minute.

I hate leaving my house. I know that sounds like I'm going through depression or something, but really it's partly introversion, partly an aversion to hot, dusty streets, and largely an old phobia of 'doing official things' which I'm mostly over, but not completely, obviously. Some day I'll write about that phobia, which I haven't discovered the name for yet.

So at almost 3 pm, I remembered I had to go to the bank, to submit documents that were (check email) two weeks late already. Since they hadn't included a penalty (submit these documents OR WE'LL SHUT DOWN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND CONFISCATE ALL YOUR MONEY) I had obviously put it out of my mind, until I suddenly woke up this afternoon.

What time do banks close? Since I never go to banks, I assumed maybe 4.30 pm, 5 pm? Google check: oops, 3.30 pm. I am not a fast mover, as my mother will confirm, so I almost gave up the idea.

But then Responsible Adult Sue emerged, and I printed the form, filled it up, said a quick prayer and left. I needed to photocopy a document, and all our shops were shut because the traders are protesting a tax... but I saw an open shop with the comforting 'Xerox' sign outside.

Then I tried to park, and shot dirty looks at some annoying guys who were leaving, but taking their own time about giving me a space. I finally found a spot, parked and arrived at the bank at about 3.15 pm. One of the feature of the official-stuff-o-phobia is of not knowing what exactly to do, whom to speak to, how to get things done. But I walked in, and there was a desk set up for the exact job I needed to get done. I asked a question, gave in the form, and was out of the bank in all of three minutes. Woo hoo!

And then... I couldn't get my bike out. The parking spot was on a steep incline, off the road, and I just couldn't with all my girlish strength, heave it up the steep edge of the road. Of course, the normal thing to do was to ask a passerby to help. But I hate asking for help! Especially from strangers! So I averted my eyes, as two capable looking men passed by. But the Lord rolled his eyes, and nudged them. They saw my predicament, and asked if I needed help, and pulled me up in a second.

I was so pumped with my successful trip that I stopped at two more stores to stock up on stuff for the trip, and even got my eyebrows done. (Indian girl thing. Don't ask if you don't know.)

I know God COULD have let everything go wrong, and it would have been good for my soul (builds character, according to Calvin's dad).

But I'm so glad he didn't.

See you guys after two weeks.


  1. hey sue, i too have that phobia that you mentioned. No name discovered by me either!Have a safe and good holiday

    1. There must be more of us out there than we know!