Saturday, 4 May 2013

Seven Quick Takes IV

Super busy past few days, and it isn't over yet, so super quick takes today, just to keep my hand in the game.


The heat was insane last week. I reached the point where I couldn't sleep unless I had drenched a bed sheet in water, and covered myself with it. And then I would wake up in the middle of the night after it had dried up, and do it again. My mum gave my nieces free rein to flood the house, as we discovered that would bring the temperature down... a little. The most popular item in my house was this:

Air conditioner and water cooler sales were booming. (Not because of my family, unfortunately.) People were down with heat stroke. I had to go out mid-morning on my bike once, and within a few minutes my head scarf (which all female bike riders in India wear) was drenched in sweat.

But glory, hallelujah! The heat broke yesterday! It's a beautiful 30 degrees C right now, after a hellish 41 degrees C last week. (That's 86 degrees F after 106 degrees F!) I don't know whether it broke broke, or whether this is just a lull (I don't trust weather forecasts.), but I have my fingers crossed (because that's a very Christian thing to do :-D).

Oh, how we bloggers love to talk about the weather.


Oh, wait, that wasn't a super quick take. I can't seem to stop once I'm on a roll.


Did you know that it is not NORMAL to have 26 different thoughts simultaneously running through your head, and to have the attention span of a crazed squirrel? I only found out this morning when I woke up after nine hours of uninterrupted sleep and I wasn't thinking, "I MUST HELP ALL THE PEOPLE AND DO ALL THE THINGS AND THIS IS HOW! AND THIS! AND THIS! AND THIS!!!"

Now how do I reconcile my night owl tendencies with my desire to not suffer from Insane Brain all the time?


One of my favorite moments of the last week was when I set aside the zillion things I needed to do, and played 'beauty parlor' with my nieces and mum and sister. We had face masks, cucumber slices, pedicures, and even chocolate. Yep, girl time at its finest.


And now, let me go do other feminine and housewifely things- stitch up a blouse and cook some butter chicken for an event we're organizing this evening. I haven't used a needle in months.


Speaking of gender stereotypes, I recently read this 'joke' about Indian women:

A news headline read 'Bus kills woman'. What's wrong with this picture?

What's a bus doing in a kitchen???


I'm kind of excited at how much I've been writing on this blog. It's one month old, and I've averaged one post every two days. It's good for me, because I know that the only way to be a writer is to WRITE. And it's good for anyone who reads this blog, because I know one of the main things I look for in a blog that I read is regular, fresh content.

So here's a few of my recent posts if you're interested-
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Happy reading!

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