Tuesday, 24 March 2015

7QT: Videos You Want To See


India's Daughter

The first video that I'm not linking because it was banned in India. But if you search you might be able to find it online.  And if you can't, here is a partial transcript. WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENT CONTENT

It is a documentary made by BBC about the rape of a girl in Delhi little more than two years ago. It is gruesome and shocking. But what's worse is that this is just ONE case among thousands, many of which go unreported. And even more shocking is a culture in India that blames and shames the victims. Something HAS to change!

Worst quote: " You can’t clap with one hand. It takes two hands to clap. A decent girl won’t roam around at 9 o’clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy." One of the rapists


Girl on Fire

Jennifer Fulwiler, one of my favourite bloggers speaks at a Catholic conference. She's very down to earth, always real, and always has something to say that I hold on to.


Talented Siblings Sing Hero

For some reason, I just want to keep listening to this. It also makes me want to harmonize.


The Much Awaited Flash Mob Video: Starring Me and My Friends! (Yes, grammatically incorrect, I know)

 Regular blog readers will remember a mention of this event in the P.S. of this blog post: Flash Mobs. And it happened! The groom told us he loved boy bands (how come self-professed unjudgmental people think it's okay to judge people for liking boy bands? Personal preference, people!) Neither he nor the bride knew it was going to happen, and they loved it!


How to Grow in Times of Trial by Fr. Jacques Philippe

I LOVE Fr. Jacques Philippe! The Peace book that he wrote has become my favourite spiritual book, and now I'm reading 'In the School of the Holy Spirit' also by him, which is rocking my world! So Lenten reflections by him... great idea! (I don't know why I was surprised that he is French and speaks French with a name like Jacques Philippe.)


Iraqi Christian Girl Teaches Isis The Power of Forgiveness

I'm usually a little suspicious that these kind of videos are going to try to be emotionally manipulative, but I found this very touching, and very authentic. The little girl didn't seem very different from other little girls that I know.


Why I'll Never Be Happy

I usually enjoy Blimey Cow, but when I watched this one, I was like "This. Is. Me."

I have every reason to be happy... but my mind always seems to be focussed either on the present seemingly HUGE disaster, or the potential future disaster that is JUST. AROUND. THE. CORNER.

I need to remember... Today is the only day I have to be happy.

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