Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Oldies But Goodies

I love reading blog posts I wrote in the past, and my old journal entries. Probably something to do with the fact that I have a terrible memory, and I re-read it and have no recollection of having written it. "Ha ha, that really happened? That's hilarious!"

So in case you have a short memory like mine, or if you're newish to this blog, here are some links to some of the most popular blog posts I wrote over the past year.

Well, No. 1 and No. 3 are the ones which I created tabs for at the top of the page-

Why 'Not Very Indian'?

Why 'Keeping It Real'?

But then there's my Christmas time rant which for some reason come up second, maybe because of the words 'Christmas dance' in the title? Even though it's not exactly about Christmas dances? Deceptive packaging.

Are You Going to a Christmas Dance?

All the introverts of the world united in their love for this super-helpful guide for interacting with introverts:

How an Introvert Socializes

And then all the single girls, as well as everyone who thinks romance and marriage are fascinating topics all sat at my feet to hear me expound my views on marriage. That was fun!

A 27 Year Old Atypical Indian Girl's Thoughts on Marriage (The Post You Were Waiting For)

Not really sure why, but a lot of people wanted to hear more about the Myers Brigg personality test, which a  few months ago I was obsessed by.

6 Reasons You Should Do the Myers-Brigg Personality Test

Who read the next one? Everyone with big families, the people who worry about India's population, the people who secretly wish they had more than one sibling and the ones who know my family personally and are fascinated by the fact that we are five siblings.

Small Family = Happy Family... Really?

Then there was the anti Facebook post, which is inspiring me to maybe go back to using Facebook only once a week.

The Mandatory Post Facebook Fast Post

And then apparently everyone wants to do what the deal is with Indians and not hugging. I have cleared up the mystery for the world.

What's In a Hug?

And there's the one I wrote a few days ago, which is not on the most popular list (yet) but needs to get there, because this is a message I want ALL GUYS TO GET.

Guys, Stop Texting Girls! And Other Super Helpful Advice for the 'Good' Guys

Have fun reading! (And let me know if there's any particular topics you'd like me to write about.)