Friday, 9 August 2013

7QT: The Pretty Quick Edition

Linking to Jen...


So Jen in her last 'Undiscovered Gems' post sent all her readers to this fantastic blog- Mama Knows, Honeychild. I (and everyone else) took one look, read one and a half post, and added her to my blog reading list with the triumphant whoop that only avid blog readers know about. It's similar to the sound you make while reading a new book that you love, and finding out that the author has written dozens of books and is going to write dozens more. The sketches and the humor are a winning combination.

I wonder what Mama H feels like. She's become a celebrity overnight with all of Jen's thousands (?) of readers heading over to her blog, after the glowing recommendation by the most popular Catholic blogger (ever?). Like Marc Barnes once phrased it, she was 'Jenmentioned'! I suppose it's like your book getting on a bestsellers' list, except that almost all your readers are Catholic, and you're probably not going to make any money out of it. Still, it probably feels pretty good. Well, the flip side is now she's going to struggle with humility. I have very cunningly avoided the need for that with the un-awesomeness of my own blog.

Anyway, my point is, go read her blog if you haven't, because it's awesome!


Yesterday I mentioned that the Latin Mass had recently been celebrated in my parish (which is exciting and awesome, even though I missed it). Here's a funny extract from a brief report about it. The last paragraph read: '... the traditional Latin Liturgy possesses "much restraint and austerity, an impressive beauty and a generous melody."'

The paragraph JUST before that read 'The mass ended with the Recessional Hymn: 'He's Got the Whole World in His Hands' followed by a thundering round of applause.'



This is a recent scary/awesome piece of news from my life: I have recently take over the running of an after school teaching programme in the slums (an outreach of our parish) after the teacher in charge needed to retire because of health problems.

I know nothing about how exactly it's supposed to run, as mentioned before, my Hindi is pathetic, and I have a feeling that a large number of the 30 plus students (see I don't even know how many kids are enrolled) know that I don't know what I'm doing. I know this because some of the ninth graders tried to convince me that I should give them a holiday one day for some obscure festival, and when  I seemed unsure and said I'd ask someone, told me that I was in charge so I could do it. I'm not THAT gullible, kids! Anyway, fear not, there are four other experienced teachers still working there, and plus 'God doesn't call the equipped, but equips the called', right? Right?


I do enjoy the teaching part of it. I'm fine with English, History, Geography, and lower levels of Science. But yesterday one of the ninth graders showed me an Algebra problem... and I had to admit I had no idea whatsoever about how to go about solving it.

Yay humility!


A couple of days ago my sister posted this article about extroverts (yes, she's extroverted, and I'm introverted.) I found it interesting, but I thought they got the non-stop talking part totally wrong... I don't think that's specifically an extrovert thing. What do you think? Are you an introvert who can't seem to shut up once she starts talking (like me)?

25 Frustrating Things About Being an Extrovert


Strangely enough for an introvert, I AM No. 6 from the article... yup, the crazy person below.

Maybe not always, but a lot of people who know me (read: my siblings) , have been embarrassed by me in social settings. But after I make a crazy fool of myself, I get tired of all the peoples, and have to to go hang out with me for a while.

P.S. This is the first time I've ever posted a gif... Oh the wonders of the Internets.


Okay guys, seriously, 7 takes is too much when you have things to get done. Go have an awesome weekend.


  1. All the best fr ur teaching.

  2. #2 - "Much restraint and austerity" That is hilarious! What do they consider unrestrained?

    #3 - Good luck with the after school program. Yes, God equips the called, so if that's what he's calling you to do, you'll be fine.

    #5 - I am totally and introvert who will talk your ear off. It all builds up while I am alone, and once anyone is enough of a sucker to start talking to me, they're really in for it!

  3. Somehow I have a hard time seeing "Whole World" with a Latin mass.

    1. Exactly! I guess they haven't fully gotten the idea yet.

  4. Who, ME? Struggle with humility?! Why, I'm a SANGUINE! We NEVER struggle with humility.
    translation: ALWAYS. I always struggle. lol
    LOL just kidding. GAAAAH!!! What a week! I appreciate any/all prayers:)Thank you for mentioning my blog, Sue. You are so beautiful! And sounds like you are doing great things!
    I'm gonna go check out that list you posted for extroverts:)

    1. Ooh, Mama H commented on my blog! ;-) I know all about struggles with humility.. will pray for that. But don't stop creating awesome funny inspiring posts!

  5. I'm not kidding about struggling with humility. I meant to say "just kidding" after that first line up there.
    yeesh. Now I'm *really* struggling. :)