Friday, 3 January 2014

7QT: The I'm Pretty Much Asleep So Here are Some Links Edition

Really. No chit chat. Well, maybe a little. But good links!


This is my brain on hugs.

Ahh, someone who is even more socially awkward than I am! And soo funny. Yes, I was actually lol!


New year's resolutions? Here's Pope Francis again!

New Year's resolutions: The Pope Francis list

Always good stuff.


An mp3 talk that everyone told me would convict me, but I don't easily feel convicted (too complacent), so I was doubtful. And I listened to the first half and I was like "Mm hmm," and I agreed, but was still not convicted, and then I listened to the second half and then BOOM I was convicted AND in tears. What can I say? Listen to it. Unless you really hate being convicted.

Poor Church for the Poor (soundcloud mp3)


And then speaking of the poor, and convicting, which you're probably tired of, but anyway I've been saving these links to share with you, here's Marc Barnes, (you know, the Baddest Catholic), with

Giving Your Money to Drug Addicts


Okay, that was heavy. Take a breather and listen to Straight No Chaser with this cute medley that has been making the rounds for years:


Here's a great Christmas idea from Joseph Prever/Steve Gershom. I think I might actually do it this year.



Here's two books that I haven't real and yet HIGHLY recommend! Even though neither have been published in print yet, and one of them hasn't been published at all... wait have I already talked about this?


which Jennifer Fulwiler has been working on for years, and which all her readers are beyond excited about.


even though I'm not married, and unlikely to be using NFP in the forseeable future (although I am a sinner). Just because it's Simcha Fisher. If I'm excited when I see she's put up a new blog post... a whole book? I'd read about archaeology if she was writing. But also, it's NFP, as we know a Catholic hot topic, so yeah, I'm interested.

Here's an interview with her.

Oh, Simcha Fisher just had a miscarriage. Please pray for her.

More Quick Takes at Jen's.


  1. I love Straight No Chaser's version.

  2. Love this post. The hugging link… I died. I was also thinking about getting Simcha's book even though I'm single for all the same reasons. She's awesome.

  3. Love the Pope's New Years Resolutions list. Every year I vow to stop gossiping and every year I fail....going to try again for 2014.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I received your lovely hand-made Christmas card . . . and share that I haven't sent any out yet! We are travelling tomorrow -- finally meeting our daughter! -- and I'm sending them afterward so I can include photos of her. :) Prayers appreciated for the huge changes she will undergo!